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Development Models

At Cognispire we believe the future should never leave our customers behind and we’re 100% committed to delivering this promise. We do this by accelerating our customers’ IT innovation, allowing them to disrupt and compete.

Equipped with cutting edge technologies like ML computing, hyper-automation, cloud and analytics we help our clients adapt to the digital world and make them successful. Our passion towards about our client’s success pushes us further to solve real, specific problems and address tangible opportunities to create value for our client’s businesses. We innovate with a laser sharp focus on relevant solutions to help our clients deliver at hyper-speed and global scale. Our innovation process has no functional boundaries and includes stakeholders across business and technology. Our AI platform coupled with moonshot thinking works on automating complex business and IT processes in multiple industries. We work hard to support our client’s innovation needs in many game-changing ways. We work with bleeding edge technology areas to bring cutting edge solutions to our clients. Our Open Innovation approach lets us reach well beyond our potential. We automatically of configure backups, Identify network configurations and their effect on performance and automate it for automatic generation of configuration files.

We collaborate with customers, partners, employees, and the reviews to build new and relevant solutions. We provide near-human abilities of multi-modal interactions through voice, vision and haptic, leading to personalized experiences that are accurate and efficient. The applications include customer service, self service, In-store Interactions, product & solution user manuals, online training and online shopping. We help clients experiment and deploy proof-of-concepts on block-chain technologies and incrementally expand to scale to production releases. We help improve the trust factor among various stakeholders. The enhanced transparency will be a boon for advertisers and publishers alike. Not only this transforms the digital ecosystem it will also bring to the fore new revenue models.