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Delivery Models

Every business is unique, so we believe that every relationship requires a unique strategy. We understand the challenges customers face across different phases of the software lifecycle. Through its multi-engagement experience, Cognispire has evolved methods and processes to facilitate a rapport with its clients for new product roadmap, re-engineering, application management, and automated testing. We transcend software development from a method and process-driven standpoint to managing relationships that are flexible, tailored and focused on the client’s business objectives. Cognispire owns the delivery responsibility and proactively builds essential knowledge repository. Process oriented resource transition, along with mandatory overlap period and Knowledge Management System (KMS), ensure business as usual. Cognispire is empowered with transparent project management and progress tracking processes coupled with high-speed communication infrastructure. We aim at developing long-term relationships with our clients and thus, offering best solutions through our attentive and clearly defined services. We offer several engagement models and you can choose any or a blend of these models as per your requirements. We understand that every project has its own requirements and our different engagements models are designed to maximize your satisfaction while reducing the costs.

Our clients can set the standard for this engagement and has the flexibility to be involved in managing the tasks of the offshore team. We compress software development time, reduce development costs, and achieve the shortest time-to-market possible. Our clients can also alter specifications, accommodate unplanned activities rapidly, and adjust project resources based upon their evolving requirements throughout the project development lifecycle. We implement customer specific quality/process frameworks at client’s end with the help of a dedicated team, which includes team members, project managers, equipment and infrastructure. Our customers can modify project requirements as per upcoming market trends. Project risk is reduces due to visible progress monitoring and significant outcomes are delivered.