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Application Maintenance

Cognispire’s application support service ensures your business applications are managed and operated seamlessly to provide secure and high performance platform. We make double sure that your business applications run successfully and are error free. We reduce the risks of data security breaches and ensure corporate data is used properly. Cognispire’s preventive application maintenance can consistently provide quality, on-time service to your customers. Elimination of dead and clone codes is done, to make sure your software performs better and reduce the probability of failure and improve the reliability of your software. Cognispire’s service helps your application respond faster to technology opportunities by accelerating release of new applications & features. Even our initial version of our application is developed without any security risks, to improve usability of the apps and to boost performance. We are well equipped with onsite as well as remote support. Through thorough monitoring processes and aligning people by using the right technology, Cognispire provides effective software support services to your business. Using agile methodologies, Cognispire provides long-term application maintenance services to help IT departments and software companies maintain applications most efficiently and effectively. Our solutions enable faster software maintenance with fewer resources, reduced time cycle and low defect rates. Cognispire uses new advanced-engineer-imbedded test-and-solve approach to testing. We have a proven technique for the maintenance of complex applications, platforms and solutions – both third-party and those developed by us. Cognispire’s Application Maintenance Services (AMS) processes are tailor-made for maintenance and are not an afterthought of development. We begin with accurate maintenance, readily adaptable, preventive, and perfective maintenance.

We help you update existing modules, develop new modules, enable SOA, and make the application mobile-ready in order to secure its usefulness. Leave the hard work to us for all your needs once your application goes live, all you have to do is just focus on generating more business for your application. Time to let go the pressure to develop, optimize extend their IT applications and software products to meet growing business needs and evolving technologies, such as the addition of mobile and social platforms.