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Application Development

Cognispire is a leader in developing software applications. We make sure the products meet business requirements by providing the appropriate level of support and adopting the next generation technologies. The efficiency and accuracy of Cognispire’s service delivery is constantly monitored and tuned so that service level agreements are upheld and business goals are achieved. We enhance the performance and scalability of applications across the technology stack and application lifecycle. Cognispire’s application development services are supported by deep industry expertise, compatible with all modern and legacy platforms. We inspect software product quality in addition to just process compliance which enables maintainable, testable, reusable and extensible code.

Web Application

We help our clients to build robust web applications that automate their business processes. We choose the right solution by objectively evaluating requirements to analyze, design, implement, test and integrate systems.

Desktop Application

Cognispire understands business needs of our clients and delivers next-gen desktop applications to meet their requirements, enabling them to race ahead of the competition. Besides leveraging emerging technologies, we help them keep up with future trends and achieve dynamic business objectives. Our applications helps reduce the time spent talking to your customers over the phone and allow users to update their own details. Our applications Attract visitors to your site to gain details of what they are interested making you available 24/7. All our apps undergo scrupulous planning and extensive testing to make sure they are easy-to-use. Has the ability to run the application on different platforms with minimal changes. To bring out high-quality desktop solutions, we use proven testing methodologies, techniques, and tools to perform different test types, including functional, performance, and localization one.

Mobile Apps and Games

Cognispire develops functional & highly responsive Android & iOS applications and games that expand your reach and resonate with your business goals. Cognispire helps its clients address growing business demands by rapidly delivering business value through mobile applications and games. We help them execute projects from distributed locations and deliver high-quality applications cost-effectively.

SaaS and PaaS Applications

Improve speed, quality, and reliability of applications using Cognispire’s cloud based applications. It encompasses technology innovation for no-touch SaaS and PaaS automation along with progressive transformation of people and process to help you accelerate cloud based adoption.

Portals & CMS

Our portal and content management systems helps our clients to ensure that they are providing the content that their employees , customers and partners are demanding. Using our management solution as your primary service, you can reinforce information resources by working with multiple partners through a single content archive.

E-Commerce Applications

Cognispire’s intelligently designed e-commerce platform is one that integrates smart e-commerce functionality & features in a way as to shorten the sales cycle for your e-commerce business. Helping you increase e-commerce conversion rates by creating visitor’s delight through meaningful and exciting online shopping experiences.

Our Structured methodology helps you manage all aspects of requirements for a business application and build a solid foundation for the product development work. We Support and shape key application development and modernization deals globally and enrich the expertise. Our Mainframe services have been conceptualized based on our extensive knowledge of customer’s business processes, architecture and the broader ecosystem in which businesses operate and we decommission mainframe application, develop application, consult, modernize product engineering, implement and test mainframe and midrange services. Cognispire does an excellent work in foreseeing, designing and building effective customized applications that help you address functional gaps and achieve business goals.